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Communication and Tactical

Tactical Plug-n-Play Products

Communication and Tactical

Developed for radio communications, aviation communications and telephone headsets. Our specialty line enables you to camouflage your communications while maintaining contact with your environment. Whether you’re in the woods, instructing a student or simply at work, you will be able to receive commands clearly and discreetly.

Skeleton Tips Series

skeletontipsThe Skeleton Tip Series is used by operatives in all forms of undercover occupations as well as broadcast professionals such as field reporters and anchorpersons. The custom-fit design allows for two-way radio transmissions, between a base operator and field operative, to occur via a small connected clear tubing, or amplified coil, which is attached to a receiver.

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HearDefenders-DF™ - OrangeThe HearDefenders-DF® was designed to help you hear speech better in noise and could be hooked up to two-way radio communications!  The HearDefenders-DF® is available in a choice of black or orange and 3 easy-to-insert sizes (small - medium - large).  All come with a removable cord.

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